NUTSHELLZ athletic cups are the world's strongest groin protection for baseball players and are used by many MLB players.

      Josias Manzanillo Adams, Yadier Molina, Caleb Joseph and other MLB players who have suffered from severe groin injuries (some of whom have switched to NutShellz protection) will be the first to tell you that taking the field with an inadequate cup, or no cup at all, can have life-altering effects.

      The mass-produced plastic cups that you can buy at big-box stores simply aren’t good enough. They are cheap, thin, and designed to sell en masse at a low price point. But would you trust a baseball cup like that to protect you from a 110 mph line drive or a foul tip? We certainly hope not.

      NUTSHELLZ offers ballistic-grade cups that are as comfortable as they are protective. Keep your most sensitive body part safe with one of our baseball groin cups.