Our Story


Our company Nutshellz® began with an idea that was planted in our owner (Jeremiah Raber)’s head after he watched his favorite fighter Matt Hughes lose a UFC rematch to George St Pierre in 2006.

In that fight George landed a series of inside leg kicks that “accidently” rode up and hit Matt in the junk. Of course, Matt was given time to recover but when the round was restarted Matt was not the same man. George came out and threw another inside leg kick, Matt instinctually dropped his hands thinking another nut shot was coming but ended up getting dropped by a flurry of punches to the head and the fight stopped by the ref.

Having practiced the art of Muay Thai Jeremiah was well aware of the problems that standard cups offered.

First off, most groin protectors were too wide at the base which caused pinching and rubbing with normal movement. Every boy/man that has ever worn a cup will tell you how uncomfortable they are and how they rub and pinch.

Second, all the other cups available are made from injection molded plastics that are cheap and inferior. If you Google protective cup recall you can read about one of the largest sport gear manufacturers being forced into a product recall because their cups shattered upon impact – not exactly what you need in a protective cup.

So when a company that makes other types of sports gear decides that they are going to make a protective cup their goal is always profit first. The designers of the company draw it up and the bean counters do projections, and when those projections come back, the management teams start asking questions like “how much more profit will we make if we make the cup walls 1/16th inch thinner? How much cheaper if we have this made in Malaysia or China? What if we substitute this material for that and ultimately, compromises are made and you end up with a cup made of plastic and other materials that are simply not sturdy enough to resist the type of impacts that most athletes and LEOs have to face.

Our goal at Nutshellz® has always been to provide the ultimate in groin protection for adult and youth males participating any in any high impact endeavor.


Jeremiah Raber, Founder & CEO