About Our Products

Nothing in the world is “Bulletproof.”The term Bullet resistant is better suited for anything that has a level of ballistic resistance.

Our level 1,2, and 3 groin protection have all been ballistic lab tested and proven to stop their corresponding threats. No other athletic cup on the market can claim the same.

Both of our level 1 and 2 cups are ballistic capable and can stop baseballs, Hockey pucks, lacrosse balls and some small arms fire. Both have been ballistic lab tested at Chesapeake/NTS ballistic laboratories.

The level 1 cup is made from ballistic grade Kevlar, carbon fiber, Urethane comfort surround, aerospace
laminating epoxy, and structural epoxy adhesives.

The level 2 Nutshellz is made from the same materials, but it has an additional material called Dyneema at its core. It is an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, and it is the strongest fabric material on earth and the best light weight material available to stop small arms fire.

The level 1 Nutshellz can stop anything the sports world can throw at it and then some. The level 1 Nutshellz can even stop up to a .45acp (auto Colt Pistol) If it can stop a bullet, it can stop a ball.

The level 2 Nutshellz can be used for any sport. The Level 2 is actually designed to stop higher threats though. The material at its core (Dyneema) is best suited to stop much faster threats like 9mm bullets. No other cup stands a chance against a 1200fps projectile.

Nutshellz cups are the number one choice of professionals that have had their plastic cups fail them. To name a few – Yadier Molina, Fransisco Pena, Caleb Joseph, Yan Gomes, Matt Wieters, Buster Posey, and Kevin Parada.

In Hockey Shea Weber and Kerry Price. Our cups wont break when you need them and will protect better than all the rest.

Nutshellz youth cups are best suited for any male athlete between the age of 11 to approx.
15years. From 11 -15 or let’s say from 50lbs to 120 lbs. a youth model should be adequate. Our short sizes range from XSMALL to XXXLarge

Level 1 & 2 Nutshellz Armor Composite Recipe:

Kevlar (Ballistic Grade) 745 is a woven material that is used regularly in bullet resistant vests and is 6X stronger than steel for it's weight.

Carbon Fiber is a crystalline filament of Carbon woven together for the purpose of being used in a strengthening function - usually in a compositite matrix when high stiffness is required.

Aramid is the generic term for the material Kevlar.

Dyneema is the brand name for the ballistic version of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. The style of Dyneema we use in the Level 2 NUTSHELLZ is double the strength of Kevlar and half of the weight.

Aerospace Grade Laminating Resin is a grade of resin that has a specific level of strength and toughness.

Structural Adhesives are a grade of adhesives so strong that they are used in place of bolts and fasteners.

If you'd like to learn more about the materials we use making our cups please check out this video.

All male athletes should wear a protective cup when participating in any sport that involves thrown or hit projectiles and or blunt force impacts.

The Nutshells Jocks short have been designed with a jock strap that has been sewn inside of a compression short.

The jock is sewn in a manner that pulls the Nutshellz cup down and back slightly protecting you more than other from shots coming from underneath – working in conjunction with the narrower taper of the Nutshellz cup.

Our cup and short allow for unparalleled “Natural anatomical movement.” Easier running, crossovers, and all-around better experience due to no pinching.

The Hockey jock short has Velcro in the front and back of each leg that helps in holding up one’s hockey socks.

Your Nutshellz cup should last a lifetime unless its shot, run over by a truck or something else extreme. If your Nutshellz cup has been shot or run over replace immediately.

When not using store your Nutshellz cup out of direct sunlight. Rinse when needed
with light dish detergent and let dry.

About Our Company

NUTSHELLZ is based in the USA and was founded by Jeremiah Raber. For more information about Jeremiah and the NUTSHELLZ mission please check out our story.

Nutshellz cups are Hand made in the USA and manufacturing is done in High Ridge Missouri.

Return & Exchange Policy

NUTSHELLZ cups and jock shorts are considered "intimate" products and therefore are not eligible for return.

You wouldn't want to receive a cup or set of jock shorts that has been worn by someone else, right!?

If you would like more information about this please read our Refund, Return, and Exchange.