Military & Law Enforcement


      At NUTSHELLZ we are committed to manufacturing and providing the strongest, most comfortable, and most reliable groin protection in the market. In addition to our Level 1 cups for athletes, we also provide Level 2 and Level 3 cups for law enforcement officers and military personnel.

      In addition to the Aramid/Kevlar® and carbon fiber found in our Level 1 cups, our LEVEL 2 groin protection includes a Dyneema® core to complete the strongest groin cup available. Our cups have been tested at ballistic facilities and will stop a bullet. Please get in touch if you have questions about law enforcement agencies using our products, our testing process, or anything else.

      What Law Enforcement Officers Should Look For in a Protective Cup

      Firstly, LEOs should avoid regular plastic cups at all costs. As someone who is in danger nearly every day, you want more than 1/8th inch of mass-produced plastic standing between your body’s most sensitive parts and danger. Our cups are made with industry-leading groin cup material, have passed ballistic tests, and are worn by tactical units across the US.

      Secondly, you need a cup that allows for a full range of motion. Our cups have all been tested in the field, and you will be able to run, jump, squat, sit, and more without any limited movement. Thirdly, your protective cup should be comfortable and not chafe your body. Our ergonomic design and urethane borders keep you comfortable in the field.