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World's Strongest and Most Comfortable Groin Protection - Hand Made in the USA from The Strongest Materials On Earth

Hockey Protective Cups For Goalies, Defensemen and Forwards

Hockey pucks weigh six ounces, travel 100 mph, and move from ice-level to about waist-level on most slapshots. As a hockey player, your groin is in constant danger.

So why do so many hockey players entrust their safety to weak, mass-manufactured plastic cups? Cheap hockey protective cups can crack and shatter, and if you take a direct hit to the cup, you may need surgery and/or significant time away from the sport.

Stop risking serious injury and make the switch to a NutShellz® ballistic-tested groin cup today. Just ask the many professional athletes who have chosen our cups after sustaining injuries - they’ll tell you the same thing.

NutShellz® Hockey Protective Cups

Nutshellz® Baseball & Hockey Cup | Catchers + Positions | Adult Black


Nutshellz® Red Level 1 Athletic Groin Protector (Adult)


Nutshellz® Cock & Balls Black Surround (Black) Protective Cup


Nutshellz® Armor & Hockey Jock Short Combo/Adult/ Level 1


Nutshellz® Armor & Hockey Jock Short Combo 2 Pack/Adult /Level 1


Finding the Best Goalie Protective Cup

Many Pro Goalies Wear Multiple Cups

Believe it or not, hockey goalies playing at advanced amateur or professional levels add multiple cups in their jocks. Is it uncomfortable? Almost certainly - but it beats the testicular trauma that can accompany a direct hit to the groin. Keep that in mind while you shop for a hockey cup, and do not try to cut corners on this piece of equipment.

Plastic Cups Can Crack or Shatter After Impact

We’ve all seen the pictures pro hockey players and college athletes share after a cup absorbs a slapshot head-on - the pictures are harrowing. Many hockey players keep using the same cup they’ve had for years, perhaps dating back to high school.

The fact is, puck velocity increases as you progress through higher levels of hockey. The cup that kept you safe as a highschool freshman won’t keep you safe in college or advanced amateur play. Do the right thing and invest in a hockey protective cup that will stand up to the strongest impact.

Defensemen Take Tremendous Risks

On the ice, defensemen go to extraordinary lengths to prevent goals. They skate in front of goal attempts, they dive, they slide skates-first in front of harm’s way.

This is admirable, but if you’re going to be putting your body in danger, you need a cup that can withstand direct shots from a puck flying at 100 mph.

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