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Hockey Jock Shorts + Built-In Jockstrap

The hockey athletic support shorts from NutShellz® are made with breathable, durable fabric, include velcro and a built-in jockstrap, and are perfectly tailored for use with our industry leading protective cups. Buy hockey jocks individually, or pair with one of our ballistic-grade groin protectors.

Nutshellz®/Black/Adult/Hockey Jock Short - With Velcro

From $54.99

Nutshellz® Hockey Jock-short With Velcro 3 Pack/Black/Adult

From $139.99

Nutshellz® Armor & Hockey Jock Short Combo/Adult/ Level 1


Nutshellz® Cock & Balls Black Surround (Black) Protective Cup


Nutshellz® Ballistic Level 1 Baseball + Hockey Cup | Adult Orange


Nutshellz® Baseball & Hockey Cup | Catchers + Positions | Adult Black


Importance of the Right Hockey Jock For Athletes

We all know the importance of wearing a protective cup in hockey - even with a cup in place, a direct hit from a puck can lead to serious injury and even surgery (that’s why you should switch to one of our ballistic-tested cups). But wearing the right jock can be equally important.

If your jockstrap or jock shorts are not designed for use with your particular cup of choice, the cup may shift while you skate, and worse, it could shift out of position while a defensemen dives or slides in front of an oncoming puck to save a goal.

Our hockey jocks come with a built-in jockstrap, so they are guaranteed to keep your protective cup in place regardless of your activity on the ice.

Do Hockey Players Need To Wear Jockstraps?

Yes, hockey players absolutely must wear a jockstrap or jock shorts along with a groin cup while they practice or participate in games. But thanks to the compression jock shorts from NutShellz and other manufacturers, you don’t necessarily need a traditional jockstrap.

Jockstraps can be uncomfortable, case chafing, and even cause serious rashes for hockey players. Our compression shorts fit well and offer more coverage, so you won’t need to deal with the chafing that a jockstrap may cause. The built-in jockstrap feature will still secure your cup though, so you will be protected at all times.

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