Let’s Watch A Man Get Shot In The Dick To Test His Bulletproof Cup

*Originally published on brobible.com

We all know that Captain O’Hagan invented the bulletproof gag, but he used blanks. However this is no joke. Jeremiah Raber actually created a real bulletproof groin protector. And had so much faith in his product that he got shot in the family jewels to prove it’s strength.

It’s called Nutshellz, and Raber proclaims that it is the world’s strongest and most comfortable groin protector. Jeremiah’s business partner and avid hunter Matt Heck shot him with a rifle to prove that it can withstand a shot to the dick. Hopefully before this ballsy experiment Raber made some provisions that if Heck made an “accidental” misfire that the entire company doesn’t go to Heck.

Who, that little guy? I wouldn’t worry about that little guy.

Raber had the testicular fortitude to get shot in the cock, which is really putting your money where your member is. He is a true businessman who believes in his product. Turns out that Raber didn’t die or get dickcapitated.

They started a Kickstarter for their product and have thus far raised over $1,000.

UFC fighter Daron Cruikshank did a much safer experiment by shooting the Nutshellz Cup without anyone’s precious nuts inside.