Saints Punter Gets Hit in the Balls with Snap

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Being a punter isn’t easy, especially when you are in the middle of a down pour of rain and high winds. Unfortunately for those special teamers in today’s NFC divisional round match up between the New Orleans Saints and Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field, those are the exact conditions that they are fighting through.

Saints punter Thomas Morstead was the first of the unlucky punters to get a crack at kicking in the weather and it didn’t go at all as planned.

The snap went directly through Moretead’s hands and hit him directly in the place where no man wants to be hit. As a result, the punt was shanked and the Seahawks got great field position.

Here is a look at how it all went down:

While Saints fans may have hoped for a better punt, it is hard to recompose yourself and boot the ball downfield after taking a shot right to the nuts.

Thomas Morstead, we feel your pain.