Adult Level 1 Athletic Cup


Hi, my name is Jeremiah Raber, and I am the Founder and CEO of Nutshellz and we are the Professional athletes preferred choice in groin protection, and we are quickly becoming the #1 cup for amateurs as well.

In this video I am going to show you our Adult Level 1 athletic cup that we hand make in the USA utilizing our innovative small batch manufacturing facility located in High Ridge Missouri. Trust me when I say this thing is strong enough to stop real bullets, but it’s designed with “YOU” the athlete in mind.
The Adult level 1 cup is what I would recommend to any athlete wanting to find the toughest and most comfortable groin protection available. It’s the most comfortable groin protection available because our comfort surround has a narrow taper that extends further between the legs allowing for the most natural fit possible - What this means for you is that our cups won’t pinch or rub, making Nutshellz the most comfortable cup available … especially when pair­­­ed with our custom Jock Shorts.
Nutshellz cups offer the strongest protection available because we use the highest-grade materials available, like Ballistic grade Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, and Aerospace grade epoxies.  Other companies use thin layers of plastic which can, and do, break on impact.  They try to fool you by using a fake carbon fiber graphics sticker.  We don’t do that…we use actual Kevlar and Carbon Fiber.  This makes our products super tough, and comfortable, - - there’s really no other competition if you want serious protection.

The Adult Level 1 athletic cup comes in a “black carbon fiber” finish plus 7 other colors.  Our adult version will fit most athletes 15 years old and up, but we also offer a Youth model to fit the younger athletes that are looking for the same bullet resistant protection only in a smaller size.  Last but not least you owe it to yourself to check out our jock shorts, they are designed to hold our cups in the perfect spot and not move.  Once you try our shorts you won’t ever wear anything else!

Thank you for taking a few minutes to learn about our Adult level 1 cups. As you can see, they are the only real option if you want serious protection. If you have any more questions, please reach out to me directly through the contact form on and I’ll get back to you immediately. I would also love to connect with you on social media so please check us out on your favorite platform and use the hashtag #PROTECTYOURS